Hei familie og venner and hello family and friends!

I´m writing in English because many of you do not speak Norwegian. No offence intended anyone:-)

The other day I posted the notice below on my Facebook site and seeing that a good number of you are not on that list I will send the letter again. Please excuse me if this is a repeat for you, and if you have signed the petition… thank you for your help! As of today it looks like we may round 2000 signatures. For those of you who do not understand Norwegian, I´m sorry, but the whole plea that´s on the internet is in that language. If you want to sign your name click on the menu saying: Signer dette oppropet. This means: sign this plea. You can even write a comment under the banner for ‘ kommentar’. If you follow this link it will take you directly to the site: www.vennsjh.com

This note is a serious plea for your help with at least a signature, and even appeal if you wish. The county dept. of education is threatening to close our school which is the only of its kind in Norway and only one of very few in Europe with an entire curriculum and school farm devoted to a practical/theoretic education in ecological farming and societal development. The county’s reason for is that our buildings are old and need major renovation and they do not have the funds to carry more than 60% of the full investment. This is their only reason. We have their support regarding our mandate and vision of ecological farm-training. Being Norway’s National School for Organic Farming and Gardening demands funding at a national as well as county level, but the national departments of education and agriculture have so far refused to offer assistance. The final decision will be made during the first 1/2 of 2014. Closing the school will have a huge ripple effect at all levels; from the local municipality of little Aurland and onwards out into the world which is in dire need of a new generation of youth with positive knowledge and practical skills for solutions toward healing an ailing society and planet. Norway’s economy bubbles over with oil money and the few kroner necessary are but a little drop in the bucket. Norway’s renomè as a land concerned for the environment needs to be shown in more than words. We cannot let this school go down without the world knowing what’s happening. We are not asking you for money. It’s your voice that counts! Please help.

With humble and grateful thanks from SJH´s friends.